T. G. ‘Yinminu is a creative writer; with major concentration on Poetry. He is a Master’s degree graduate of English at the Department of English, University of Ilorin. he started writing poetry as a teenager,  and he has over a hundred and fifty poems.

T. G ‘Yinminu is a Creative Content Writer, a Public Speaker, a Poet, a Dramatist, an Artistic Director and an Entertainment Consultant (Events Hosting and Anchoring)

T. G. ‘Yinminu is the Founder of Aranbada Poetry House, Nigeria, a budding poetry foundation aimed at promoting  creative writing and African (Nigerian) poetry among youths…read more

T.  G ‘Yinminu is the corporate voice of “theWACKpoet…”, an acronym for the Witty, Astute, Caring (for the younger generation of writers), and Knowledgeable poet. This has been affirmed by several scholars and people who have come in contact with him. His drive for knowledge has brought him in contact with several prolific scholars,  a few of these people are Professor Olu Obafemi FNAL, the President of the Nigerian Academy of Letters, Professor Tanure Ojaide, Professor Femi Ososfisan, the most celebrated playwright of Nigeria (Africa), Dr. Foluke Aliyu-Ibrahim of the department of English, University of Ilorin, Professor M. M. Akanbi, a professor of Business Law and the founder MMGIVIT charity NGO, and other big wigs in various walks of life.

T. G. ‘Yinminu continues to prove himself worthy of reckoning through his professional engagement in the arts wherever he finds himself.